Capetonians Against Animal Abuse (CAAA)

We remain committed to being the voice for those discarded by society through our involvement as volunteers fo Capetonians Against Animal Abuse, a Cape Town-based NPO with more than 400 feral cats under their care, and our ongoing support of rescue organisations and shelters across the Western Cape.

As part of our commitment to this, we will donate R5 of every order received and will share news on the application of these funds on our site on an ongoing basis

Caring for those discarded by society.

Capetonians Against Animal Abuse (CAAA) is a volunteer-based, non-profit group with a mission of helping animals discarded by society. Our main focus is feral/homeless cats and kittens, but we do also assist dogs from time to time.


We assist feral cat colonies around the Cape Town area by providing education, TNR and feeding programmes to more than 400 feral cats in cat colonies. We also re-home cats and kittens who can become part of a loving home through foster families.VOLUNTEER

We are not a rescue organisation or a shelter. As a result, we do not have the means or extensive financial resources to shelter and sterilise private individuals’ pets and care for all animals in need.

Capetonians Against Animal Abuse (CAAA)

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