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The Story about PetGeez

Our mutual love for animals and life, in general, has led us to pursue a business opportunity giving expression to this. Our love for animals drives our emotions, our behaviour and our actions. It is for this reason that our motto is “For the love of pets”. It is not what we do. It is who we are.

Karen’s personal journey started when she became the proud caretaker of a beautiful ginger boy, Kieterkat, in December 1991, and when he passed away at age 17, I was devastated. Not wanting to ever feel that pain again, but still wanting to make a difference, I became involved with fostering. I have undoubtedly been the biggest foster failure ever, and when she adopted more cats herself than she adopted out, she knew she had to make a change.

On a stormy Cape Town winter’s day she saw a cat close to my office, and not knowing anything about ferals, she put some food out. Returned the next day, just to find him waiting for her in the shrubs, and so het journey with feral colonies started. She has been involved with the sterilisation and feeding programs of feral colonies for over 12 years now, and never grow tired of making a difference in these precious souls’ lives.

Karen met her husband, Albert, when she volunteered to join a search party for a beautiful boy fur baby (Oberon) and his sister (Phoebe) that were dumped in Atlantis 2 years ago. Her love for cats led me to the love of her life, and they had their happy ending when Oberon was found 9 months later.

The lesson and message in this are undoubtedly to not ever give up on your efforts to find a beloved pet that has gone missing.

“We remain committed to being the voice for those discarded by society through our involvement as volunteers for Capetonians Against Animal Abuse, a Cape Town-based NPO with more than 400 ferals under their care, and our ongoing support of rescue organisations and shelters across the Western Cape.”

“Our mission is to make it as easy (delivery to your door) and affordable (the best prices in Cape Town) as possible to shower your furbabies with the best possible care, whilst at the same time educating and contributing to animal welfare. For the love of YOUR pet.”

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