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Holistic and quality dog food solutionvat an affordable price.


UMe Adult was developed for dogs of all shapes and sizes and is ideal for all breeds. Feeding guides are printed on each pack of UMe Adult.A holistic and quality food solution at an affordable price

Developed by leading pet food nutritionists for results you can trust

Minimally processed for better delivery of nutrients

Versatile applications to add choice and variety to your dog’s food

Skin and coat health – balanced omega 6 : 3 fatty acid ratio and organic zinc

A delicious meal experience your dogs will love

Cooked cereals, meat and meat derivatives (Poultry meal 8 % min), cereal byproducts, fats and oils, binder, minerals, vitamins and trace minerals, approved anti-oxidants.

Daily feeding guideline for adult dogs
Measure out the appropriate amount of dog meal according to the table below. Slowly add luke warm water as directed. Stir with a fork until a crumbly texture is obtained and serve immediately. The wet feed not consumed within an hour must be discarded and not kept and refed later. The quantities indicated in the table below are the daily feed requirement. If fed twice daily only use half of the required amounts per meal. Feed intake may vary according to individuals, health, age, activity, sex and environmental temperature.

Breed Size Normal Activity Water Addition
gram/day ml/day
Toy size 1–5 kg 30 – 90 15 – 40
Small size 5–10 kg 90 – 155 40 – 70
Med size 10–20 kg 155 – 260 70 – 120
Large size 20–30 kg 260 – 350 120 – 160
Large size 30–40 kg 350 – 435 160 – 195
Large size 40–50 kg 435 – 510 195 – 230
Giant size 50–80 kg 510 – 730 230 – 330

1 Cup (250 ml) = 150 gram meal equivalent

Optionally, should you wish for variety, add 40-50 grams of fresh vegetables OR 20 grams of meat with every 100 grams of meal. UMe can also be used as an extender or gravy addition to the current kibbles or pellets you are feeding.

Introduce the dietary change gradually over 5 – 7 days.

Let’s avoid an upset tummy
and slowly get our fury friends accustomed.
Introduce UMe Adult or Adult Pro gradually over a 7-day period to avoid digestive upsets.

If you’ve decided to add fresh food to the UMe serving, we recommend a mix of 60% UMe with 40% fresh fruits and vegetables. See the list of recommended items here.

Digestive health
Live lactic acid bacteria, prebiotics and mineral clay for microbiota balance, intestinal system maturity and digestive efficiency. Mental Health DHA for mental development and alertness.

Healthy Development
Immune enhancers including added vitamins. Controlled calcium levels for healthy skeletal development.
skin and Coat Health
Balanced Omega 6 : 3 Fatty Acid Ratio, Krill meal as a superior source of essential fatty acids & Organic zinc. Joint Health Chondroprotective agents to ensure strong bones and joints.

Crude Protein 270g/kg Min
Moisture 100g/kg Max
Crude Fat 125g/kg Min
Crude Fibre 35g/kg Max
Ash 85g/kg Max
Calcium 13.5g/kg Max
Phosphorus 9g/kg Min
Ca : P Ratio 1,1 – 1,5: 1
Omega 6 : 3 Ratio 5 – 7: 1
Linoleic acid 25mg/kg Min
DHA 1000mg/kg Min
sulphate sodium 650mg/kg Min
Chondroitin sulphate 350mg/kg Min
Live Lactobacilli bacteria
(Probiotic) 1 x 109 Min
Poultry meal (min 15%), rice (min 14%), cooked corn, wheaten bran, blended animal, vegetable and fish fats and oils, corn gluten, meat & bone meal, egg powder, krill meal, binder, minerals, prebiotics (FOS & MOS), mineral clay, probiotic (Live lactic acid bacteria), vitamins and trace minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin, and approved anti-oxidants.

Daily feeding guideline for puppies
Feed puppies their daily portion of food over three meal daily for the first 4 months (medium breeds) to 6 months (large breeds). Thereafter they can be ideally fed twice daily until they reach adult weight. Small breeds reach maturity at 9 months of age , medium breeds at 12 months of age and large & giant breads at 14 – 18 months of age.

Breed Size Last Trimester
Pregnancy Lactation
gram/day gram/day
Toy Breeds 1 – 5 kg 40 – 165 120 – 395
Small Breeds 5 – 10 kg 165 – 290 395 – 665
Medium Breeds 10 – 20 kg 290 – 515 665 – 1115
Large Breeds 20 – 30 kg 515 – 720 1115 – 1515
Large Breeds 30 – 40 kg 720 – 915 1515 – 1880
Large Breeds 40 – 50 kg 915 – 1100 1880 – 2220
Giant Breeds 50 – 80 kg 1100 – 1640 2220 – 3160
1 Cup (250 ml) = 150 gram meal equivalent. Optionally, should you wish for variety, add 40-50 gram of fresh vegetables OR 20 g of meat for every 100g of the meal. UMe can be fed as an extender or a gravy addition to the current kibbles you are feeding.

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