Maxhealth Sensitive Dog Food Fish Regular Bites


Maxhealth Sensitive Dog Food Fish Regular Bites is great for sensitive dogs and be used as a novel protein diet in dogs presenting true allergy to animal meat.


Maxhealth Sensitive Dog Food Fish Regular Bites. Because MAXHEALTH pet diet is based on a principle different to other specific diets it is possible to reduce and even resolve many conditions that can’t be prevented and/or improved with other diets

It is important to remember that the term “food allergy” (hypersensitivity) is an adverse reaction to a food or food additive with a proven immunologic basis, while “food intolerance” is an abnormal response to an ingested food substance, additive or residue/metabolite that resembles a hypersensitivity response but does not involve immune mechanism. Adverse reaction to food (food sensitivity) is a general term for a clinically abnormal response to an ingested food or food additive or metabolite residue. By using fish as the sole animal protein and fat source we can prevent conditions that could be attributable to substances or their metabolites contained in meat or meat derivatives. We refer particularly to intensive meat farming. Furthermore the diet can be used as a novel protein diet in dogs presenting true allergy to animal meat.

Substances commonly added to feeds are: Amprolium, Dinitro-orthotoluamide, Avoparcin, Flavophospholipol, Lasalocid, Monensin Narasin, Oxytetracycline, Salinomycin, Tetrachlorvinphos, Tylosin, Virginiamycin, Zinc bacitracin, Ethopabate, Fosfomycin, Halofuginone, Kitasamycin, Maduramicin Nicarbazin, Nitrovin, Olaquindox, Robenidine, Semduramicin, Clopidol, Hygromycin, Cyromazine. The best results will be obtained by feeding exclusively the MAXHEALTH pet diet and avoid the use, even in tiny amounts, of any other type of food, including bread, bones, meat broth, biscuits and dog treats – even tiny amounts can impact the health of a sensitive pet. The diet should be used for a minimum period of 3 to 8 weeks.

Why Fish
Fish and fish derivatives have a high protein content (over 65%) and an excellent composition of essential amino acids, just under milk and egg protein content and very far over any vegetable protein. Evidence indicates that the amino acids in fish are more available than those in meat. The amino acids of fish derivatives are 90% digestible. The protein in fish and fish derivatives has high biological value, it is rich in the essential amino acids particularly lysine and the Sulphur amino acids.

Fish, besides being a source of high quality protein, also contains about 8-12% fat which contains long chain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Fish oil is also rich in EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA, only exist in fish oils and can not be found in other animal or vegetables oils.

Digestibility of these products is very high and, in many cases, over 90%.

Vitamins content, particularly the vitamin B complex and Vit D are significant.

Fish and fish derivatives have important quantities of mineral elements such as selenium and others that act as helping elements in the enzymatic processes.

Fish Nutritional Info
Maxhealth Sensitive Fish Nutrients
Crude Protein 240 g/kg (Min.)
Moisture 100 g/kg (Max.)
Crude Fat 60 g/kg (Min.)
Crude Fibre 25 g/kg (Max.)
Crude Ash 70 g/kg ( Max.)

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Maxhealth Sensitive Dog Food Fish Regular Bites


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